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Wildheath Crags

By David Baldwin

What is the underlying nature of reality?

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Has Douglas Lockwood inadvertently resurrected the ghost of a long dead man after a hiking accident on Wildheath Crags, a vast tract of treacherous moorland surrounding Watholme, a Yorkshire village?

What will be the effects of this on Jane, Agnes and Violet Dean, who own the hotel where he is staying?

What is the meaning of the mournful wailing coming from the moors?

Did the three famous novelists, the Ayre sisters, who have made Watholme a popular tourist attraction, die young or did they fake their deaths and emigrate to Sicily?

Will Douglas ever know the truth?



  • I found it easy to read, and it made me want to read on to find the ‘whys’ and the ‘what nexts’ in the story, which for me are important factors. My latest book club book provided neither!

  • I have now read Wildheath Crags and am very impressed. It is well crafted and you have woven in the hook that makes the reader want to know more. Your use of language fills me with envy, and the descriptive narrative paints pictures of the local environment. The upshot is that I really enjoyed the book.

  • I’m not a student of the Brontës, nor to be fair, many of the literature greats, but I do know what I like. I suspect that there are multiple references to the Bronte sisters’ shtick in the book, which I’m not qualified to comment on. However, I did really enjoy reading it. 

  • When I read Wildheath Crags, I realised that, to start with, I was concentrating (subconsciously) on identifying places round Haworth. It certainly captured the spookiness of the moors! 


  • I have finished reading 'Wildheath Crags' and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My favourite part was the Shirley/Violet episode which I hadn't seen coming at all!

  • I have just finished reading your book and I honestly found it to be very good. It kept me interested enough to read it every night in bed wondering how the story would be concluded without being too far-fetched, but you managed to get to a very good and suitable ending.

  • I enjoyed reading your book.  I have read books by all three Brontë sisters and found the parallels to their literature interesting - names, places and some similar threads of storylines.  I also found the characters of the two old women interesting, reminding me of ladies I have met in the past As I get older it is good to be able to identify with places being used as a setting in a book.  

  • Your book continues to fascinate. I am reading it slowly as you have probably gathered! It makes me think of all the things we put up with at school and growing up which would be deemed outrageous by today's standards. Things that stay with you all of your life really. I can't help thinking that in so many ways it was a better world! 

  • I loved 'Wildheath Crags'. I read it this weekend. It may have been the Brontë link but I really enjoyed it. 

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