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Treasures of Darkness: Forgiveness and reconciliation are life and their denial is death

By Bianca Rosa Hart

Travelling a different road

Once upon a time (Cornwall 1773-1799) there was a beautiful but poor princess who was loved by three gentlemen… but this tale has a sad ending: the princess dies “whilst trying to escape” and regains her autonomy at the cost of her life. Will Ross and George help her live and breathe freely?

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Winston Graham (Author of the Poldark cycle of novels) is a spellbinding storyteller and his outline of the relationship between Captain Ross Poldark and George Warleggan is a web of jealousy, competition, grudging regard, blind hatred and a tense mutual fascination. This book follows these two characters in a totally different close of play.

A “white swan” flaps over the storyline. An accident gives Ross and George the choice between a devastating fight or an increasing understanding laying bare and overcoming their unyielding conflict and a shame both are trying to keep hidden.

Bianca Rosa Hart

The Author of Treasures of Darkness describes herself as a psychotherapist with a medical background; she lives in southern England (she was born abroad) and this is her third book.

She has been watching the BBC1 serial Poldark episodes in 2015 and after reading the books of the Poldark family saga by Winston Graham she has imagined a different narrative in which Elizabeth will not be the unintended victim of a fierce rivalry between the male protagonists: Ross and George. Their enmity and the family feud will be resolved. The drama she presents here is a process of reconciliation: it explores the themes of justice, reparation and forgiveness from a psychological viewpoint within an ethical and historical perspective. The main theme is the process of awareness: rethinking past events with others also involved, negotiating judgement, justice and forgiveness in a small family circle; related is the possibility of truth and fairness in our economic and financial system.

The “work of memory and mourning” leading to reconciliation is a process of psychological shifts in both George and Ross. The philosopher Paul Ricoeur describes the “work of memory and mourning” as a foundation for forgiveness.

Bianca Rosa Hart sides with modernity against post-modern views. She argues that in twentieth century Europe we may have lost sight of essential elements of our humanity and asks how we may retrace our steps and change our path: resolving conflict within society in a mediation that does not sacrifice truth.


'A fiction innovative and traditional at the same time, Treasures of Darkness - a first novel written in english by Bianca Rosa Hart (we learn in the last page it is an alias)- combines the well worn gambit of a recovered manuscript , the book's opening, with the original suggestion of an alternative ending for the television serial Poldark, on BBC1.

"Elizabeth must not die" is the leading thread of the story: on the one hand we are reminded that death of a fictional caracter may be provisional (think of Sherlock Holmes "resuscitated" by reader's wishes against the will of his creator) on the other the author asserts the artist's mandate to re-write, re-word, re-interpret. Yes scripta manent 1, only up to a point. Elizabeth has here a second chance. From this ""must nor die" unravels a tale of forgiveness, reconciliation and above all taking responsability with a mix of legal and lyrical language within the frame of a modified script where hate, jealousy and competition do not prevail and increasing mutual understanding grows.

The book concludes with three brief  critical essays giving keys for a deeper, more aware reading of the text.'

Alessandra Calanchi, Professor of AngloAmerican Literature and Culture, Dept. of Science of Communication, Humanities and International Studies, University of Urbino "Carlo Bo" Italy


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