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Shout it From the Rooftops: A Terminal Cancer Healing

By Lizzie Emery

In 2012 Lizzie Emery was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Her chemotherapy was described as 'palliative only'. Eight years on she has regained her full health and strength. 

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This book has been written to help others who find themselves without warning in a wilderness of fear and the unknown, where there are no signposts, and where the people to whom you turn for help on the way do not always know what to say, or make it clear that they believe you cannot possibly get to where you wish to go. After giving us a brief story of her life up to the time of her illness and diagnosis, Lizzie describes her cancer experience in terms of a journey or pilgrimage. The book is full of tips on lifestyle and ways to enhance physical, mental and spiritual well-being; how to deal with 'toxic' people and events such as a phone message enquiring about your prognosis, being given a book of poems on death, or a disappointing scan result. She does not pretend that the journey is easy or the outcome clear; but shows how those who set out with faith and determination can reach their goal. At the same time; she encourages loved ones and professional health workers to help cancer sufferers see beyond a dire prognosis and to support them with hope and love.


Comments on ‘Shout it from the Rooftops – A Terminal Cancer Healing’

 by Lizzie Emery



Shout it from the Rooftops is a truly inspirational and life-affirming script.There is wry humour and evidence of abundant tolerance of the human condition. It is also in tune with current, growing trends towards healthy, holistic lifestyle choices, and alternative medicine, as well as a growing scepticism in relation to conventional medical methodology, and an awareness that doctors are often limited by their own experience of apparently similar clinical cases when they are advising on prognoses.’ Oxford Editors 


‘I am sure your words will be inspirational and helpful on an emotional and also a practical level to many who have had the misfortune to receive a terminal cancer diagnosis. ‘Shout it from the Rooftops’ is a most appropriate title for the book.’ The Rt. Hon.Rishi Sunak MP


‘My 90+ year old aunt is particularly interested in your section on food; and has as a consequence started modifying her own diet. She apologised to me for not having thanked me earlier, as she “couldn't put the book down long enough to make the call”.’ BB


‘I'm really into it, it’s marvellous, I can't put it down.’ Another 90 year old


‘The book has already gone to a man suffering from a “terminal illness” who has read the book twice repeatedly in one day.’ KH


‘Your book speaks to us all in so many ways about how we can best live our lives. Congratulations on ‘Shout it from the Rooftops’. I am sure it will be an inspiration to many people, and full of so much practical advice too.’  CY 


The book is wonderfully inspiring, honest, and because of that honesty it is so uplifting. Lots of self-help books I’ve read over the years rephrase comments twenty times until you lose the will to live.  Yours says what it needs to say from the heart.’ BA, Homeopath 


‘I’ve just read the first chapter of ‘Shout’: so beautifully written if I may say so and moving beyond words. I’m hooked already... I’ve finished it! Could hardly put it down. Such an eye-opener. Many congratulations on your achievement in producing it and, so much more importantly, the triumphant story it tells. Such a joy.’ AN, Solicitor


‘You describe the meditation methods in enough detail to make me actually try them myself. I send my love and admire your strength of spirit.’ DE


‘A cancer patient of mine has bought a book and is so thrilled with it. She wants to thank you for writing it. She says it is the only cancer book that she has read cover to cover.’ BA


‘I am devoting far more time to your book than I normally give to spiritual reading. It is enthralling. A remarkable effort on your part – no, two remarkable efforts, both your recovery and the book. The courage, determination, and faith which you applied to the struggle back to health are matched by your work in producing the book. All these three elements are evident in every page: it is a genuine tour de force.’ AY, Catholic priest



‘I shall recommend your book to any friend who faces the prognosis you faced on that fateful day.  It would surely bring hope where otherwise there might be none. I feel sure that in penning your story you wanted to tell the world that there is a spiritual and psychological side to our natures which the "conventional" medics tend to ignore, not to mention the possibilities of "alternative" medicine.’ JN


‘My heartfelt appreciation to Lizzie for baring her soul and giving us lesser mortals a lesson in fortitude and inspiration. I have had my eyes opened and aspects of my lifestyle have already changed as a result of reading the book.’ PE


‘This is what you (and friends and family) need to read when you are first diagnosed and feeling stunned,and wondering what, if anything, you can do… The author was given a terminal diagnosis eight years ago. What a blessing that she has been spared to write this inspiring book, to bring healing to others.’ Amazon review

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